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AMORTALS 5pcs Eyeshadow Brush

RM 45.00
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AMORTALS Eyeshadow Brush Set

Shipping Timing - 2 weeks after order placed.

✔The set contains 5 pcs eyes makeup brushes with a beautiful star glazing case.

Eyebrush classification: 

1️⃣ Large Eye Shadow Brush

2️⃣ Medium Eyeshadow Brush

3️⃣ Small Eyeshadow Brush

4️⃣ Flame Brush

5️⃣ Detail Brush

➕Free Navy brush bag with magnetic flap

✨BASF Fiber wool imported from Germany, soft texture, non-irritating, rich in hair, strong powder grip, more even makeup

✨Thickened aluminum tube design, stepped pressure tube, not easy to deform, wear-resistant and durable

✨Matt wood brush bar, exquisite and beautiful

Exquisite makeup storage bag, soft leather, delicate touch, easy to carry


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