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Shipping Fee West Msia RM10
Above RM150 free shipping

Shipping Fee East Msia by weight. To pay upon arrival in Malaysia. 

Stock availability updated as on 30/10/20

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100% Genuine Product import from Korea.
Money back guarantee if proven otherwise.

Release date : 26 Oct 2020

Depending on the volume of order and your place in line, please be aware that delivery of your item could take up to 3 weeks.
*from the date you place order, or the item's release date whichever later.
We will ship your order the moment they are available.

Item Description

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Stock Availability

All the products from our store are order and import from Korea, we could cancel and refund some of your order in case of some unexpected accidents or supply and demand issues. We will immediately contact and inform you.

Take Note

Strictly no cancellation / change of item after payment is confirmed.

Quantity of poster and some gifts are limited. When out of stock, items will be shipped without them regardless of the detail page.

No exchange or refund on minor scratches, discoloration, product printing defective, short of contents that cannot be seen from the outside.

Refund Policy

Payment method

By online banking, cash deposit, Tng Pay, Maybank QRPAY.
PayPal / Credit Card available for International Customer.

If your order is out of stock we will give a full refund, best to chat with us before make payment.
Foreigner please confirm with us before make payment.

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