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1. Eye cream with skin tightening and brightening effect
This soft eye cream provide hydration, tightening and brightening for the delicate skin around the eyes.

2. Squeezed fresh tangerine peel juice for fresher skincare and brighter skin.
Fresh tangerine peel juice made by squeezing fresh tangerine peel harvested in Jeju contains six types of citrus flavonoid for brighter, clearer skin.

3. Skin tone, dark spot, and pore care in one.
Brightens dull and uneven skin tone and reduce melanin generation in skin to brighten the dark spots and smooth the texture for flawlessly radiant skin

Jeju Tangerine Peel Squeeze

Jeju tangerine peel squeeze from organic tangerine grown on the pure Island of Jeju has six types of citrus flavonoids effective in keeping the skin smooth, clean and bright.
Combined with functional active ingredients, it works on dull, uneven skin and pores to keep the skin clean and flawless.

1. Harvest
Harvest organic tangerine grown in the pristine environs of Jeju Island.

2. Squeeze
Squeeze out nutrient-rich tangerine peels to obtain fresh tangerine peel squeeze.

3. Extract
Stabilize tangerine peel squeeze to prevent spoilage and use pure water to obtain extract applicable for the skin.

How to use

Before applying facial cream, gently apply some eye cream around your eyes using your ring fingers. Gently pat for the best absorption.

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